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About Rich Frishman

My first camera was a gift for my fifth birthday. I have never put it down, though I’ve traded it for progressively more expensive models. I am, by nature, a storyteller. Photography is my means of expressing those stories.

Often these stories may be conveyed in a single picture. Sometimes they are poignant and intimate essays. Or the story may take a photomosaic form; images carefully constructed of hundreds of individual photographs. Such photomosaics become dramatic visual representations of time, as well as physical space.

I specialize in location work involving people: photojournalism, environmental portraiture, photoessays and photomosaics. My photography regularly appears in numerous national publications, annual reports and commercial venues.

In my seamless panoramas, such as “Imperial Sand Dunes,” hundreds of individual photographs are meticulously composited and masked to create what appears to be a single moment. However, on closer scrutiny what first appears to be a straightforward scene reveals a curious bending of reality. People and objects pop up several times across the picture, hinting at the passage of time and the artificiality of the image.

It is not just one moment, it’s many moments and many viewpoints put together to convey what a place feels like. We do that all the time in our heads, assembling a myriad of individual threads to create a tapestry of memory. By compositing many discrete photographs, I attempt to recreate the rich and nuanced tableaux I am witnessing.

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