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This is how a camper tells the world what he needs, thinks and feels. Cerebral Palsy robs the body, but not the mind. Happiness flows when campers are greeted by their outlandishly attired counselors at the drop-off point. A tearful farewell to mommy before boarding the bus for a week at Camp Casey. Parents jump and wave to their children, who are off on a great journey. Converted from WWII Army barracks, the "Big Boys'" cabin is decked out to greet the arriving campers. Old friends share a tow. Camp counselors playfully help the new kids transition from family to a place where cerebral palsy is the norm. Counselors and campers pile into the pickup for a ride to the pool. Swimming lessons Michelle and Gretchen have been friends for years because of Camp Casey. Carnival came to camp on the second day. A counselor gently rests with a homesick camper on the second day. Justin Howe, one of the most gregarious and smallest campers, shows how strong he really is. Justin at bat Justin loves to play all sports, including bowling at the Camp's Olympics. Mid-week the "Little Girls'" dorm is the scene of giddy games and frequent pileups. Shane's mind is unimpaired, but his body fails to allow even the most basic dignities, A counselor keeps Shane from falling from his chair during a seizure. A frustrated camper is gently comforted by a counselor. The third day of camping featured horseback riding. Counselor Mike Shabel reads into the wee hours during his nightwatch. Someone is always there for the campers. Orthotics needed for walking are left in the big boys' dorm. Asking for a date to the big dance. The little girls get ready for the dance. The "Big Girls'" dorm is a bee hive of activity. Michelle's shoes. She had been saving these for the big dance. On the big night the prom king escorts two counselors. Big Dance tonight On the dance floor The older girls wanted to dance with their favorite counselors. Waiting and hoping for someone to ask for a dance. Despite being strapped in her chair, she danced all night. Justin and his Queen share a kiss as the dance winds down. Rusty, who is profoundly disabled, is lovingly held by all the counselors most of the day, Graduation is bittersweet. It is a farewell to a world where for so many years all these campers were loved and accepted as normal. A counselor reads David's speech. He is overcome with emotion. Michelle and her counselor embrace and begin counting the days.